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"Quality is of utmost importance in the
biodiesel industry."

Paradigm Sensors, LLC, a Wisconsin-based, early-stage company, is positioned to help assure the quality of biodiesel fuel with its i-SPEC™ Q 100, a handheld biodiesel analyzer.

There is a great need around the world to conduct efficient, on-site testing throughout the supply chain to cost effectively ensure that biodiesel products meet producers’, blenders’, distributors’, engine manufacturers’, and end-users’ need for quality biodiesel as well as accurate biodiesel blend percentages. To assure its quality, biodiesel is currently evaluated by removing a sample and shipping it to a laboratory for expensive, time-consuming testing and analysis. The i-SPEC™ can screen biodiesel for quality and blend percent in only minutes, resulting in a significant savings of time and money.

The intellectual property for the Impedance Spectroscopy (IS) sensor, the core technology for the i-SPEC™, was purchased from Marquette University, where it was developed by three PhD engineers and an internationally recognized PhD analytical chemist. Paradigm Sensors’ i-SPEC™ Q-100 handheld field unit is capable of testing total glycerin, acid number, and methanol as well as biodiesel concentration, between B2 to B99. Correlating with current FTIR and GC reference methodology, Paradigm Sensors’ i-SPEC™ utilizes proprietary correlations between key IS parameters and biodiesel composition and characteristics

“It’s critical that the fuel (biodiesel) meet the specifications.
An off-specification batch can create problems and a bad batch of fuel can be devastating (for growth of industry).”

Jenna Higgins - National Biodiesel Board

Know whats in your tank


Find problem fuel before it costs you money

Whether you are adding biodiesel to your storage tank, tanker truck, or fuel tank, you need to know if it’s good before it goes in. Now you can test the blend percent and quality of biodiesel in minutes with the i-SPEC® Q 100, which is fast, reliable, affordable and convenient.

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Paradigm Sensors is an
MIT Club of Wisconsin
Technology Achievement
Award Recipient

Paradigm Sensors received the Small Company Technology Achievement Award from the MIT Club of Wisconsin at the Country Springs Hotel, 2810 Golf Road, Waukesha, WI.



Paradigm Sensors is awarded the R&D 100 Award

Left to right: Dick Hirthe, director of research and development at Paradigm Sensors; Dr. Martin Seitz; and Robert Young, chief executive officer and president of Paradigm Sensors.

Paradigm Sensors’ i-SPEC™ Q 100 handheld biodiesel analyzer developed by researchers at Paradigm Sensors LLC and Marquette University in Milwaukee was named one of the most significant recent technology products by R&D Magazine. The i-SPEC Q-100 analyzer uses impedance spectroscopy to assess the chemical content of biodiesel, including glycerin, acid number, blend percentage and methanol. Marquette University’s College of Engineering developed the technology for the analyzer. It’s Paradigm Sensor’s first commercially available product. More news

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